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Advertiser Overview

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PaXVenture advertising platform gives your Firm/Company the opportunity to expand/grow your business world wide with little amount of money. Advertising with PaXVenture is the best way to increase your website traffic as you can create Pay Per Click (PPC), CPC, CPM advertising using our platform and generate top quality leads to your websites. Your ads will be served in our enormous publisher network thereby ensuring widespread reach for your online business.

You may create your ads in various formats like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Mobile Ads, Pop Ads. Our system supports all industry standard banner dimensions. You can control the target audience of your ads by configuring keywords, categories, devices, countries, etc as required. You may target your ads worldwide or filter traffic to your ads by specifying targeting options.

Click rates can be configured individually for ads according to your budget. You may configure click/impression rates of your choice or rely on best minimum click/impressions rate suggested by our system. Our system allows you to regulate the ad clicks per day by leting you configure daily budget. You can also pause and resume your ad display anytime. Track your ad performance using the advanced reports provided by our system for different time periods.The reports provide information about your top performing keywords, categories, devices, countries, etc.

Banner, Display, PPC, CPC, CPM & Pop Advertising

Pay only for valid clicks/impressions. PaXVenture provides a highly cost effective online advertising solution which ensures that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your web sites. PaXVenture click processor is equipped with highly sophisticated and efficient fraud tracking mechanisms which can detect, prevent as well as reverse all kinds of automated and invalid click attempts. Click genuinity is given utmost priority so as to ensure that all your spendings are worthwhile. PaXVenture provides multiple payment options for funding your advertising account. You can make payments using paypal, credit card, debit card & net banking. You can even transfer funds from your PaXVenture publisher account to your advertiser account. History of your payments can be tracked easily from your account.


Only takes few minutes to register.
Banner Ads, Text Ads, Mobile Ads, Pop Ads.
Pay only for valid clicks/impressions.
Pay Only For Valid Impressions
Reports are updated on Realtime.


Target your right audience by specifying keywords, categories, devices, countries, etc.
Filter traffic reports from desired keywords, categories, devices, countries, etc.
Best minimum click/impression rate suggested by our system to get first bid ad position.
Advanced monitoring to prevent repetitive, invalid, proxy & automated clicks/impressions.

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